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4 List Building And Email Marketing Tips That Work Like Gangbusters by Jeremy Gislason

List building is one of the most effective ways to make money online and build a rock-solid foundation for your business. The more quality subscribers you have, the higher you will earn when you promote a certain product.

But it’s not about accumulating as much subscribers as you can, and then bombarding them with ads and promotions. If that’s the only aspect you’re focusing on, then your list building efforts are a waste of time.

Here are some red-hot tips to help build a list who will trust and like you, and to establish your credibility with your subscribers. Most important of all, these strategies would make your list more willing to buy anything you promote that is beneficial to them.

Tip # 1: Create An Exceptional Squeeze Page.

The more people who signs up to your list, the more prospects you will have. So the first thing to consider is to build an excellent squeeze page that catches their attention and entices them to give their name and email.

Some experts suggest that having eye-catching graphics can boost your opt-in rates, while some advise to focus on the copywriting aspect and the benefits they will get upon subscribing. There are no hard and fast rules. The only way to really know what works is to test, test, and test.

But despite different recommendations, make sure you create a professional-looking squeeze page that is easy on their eyes. This is the first real impression you make with a prospect. Even if you have minimal graphics, you want to make your customer “attracted” to your site and confident enough to spread the word to others who might benefit from it.

The average person does not spend more than three to five seconds on a website that is not pleasant to look at, or does not offer what they want. So make sure your squeeze page looks decent and offers something beneficial in exchange for their subscription.

Tip # 2: Build Friendly Relationships.

Building rapport and good relationships with your list is necessary to secure a profitable business in the long run. Getting the trust of your prospects is a high priority.

Many marketers hard sell their products immediately when someone subscribes; this is not a good idea. A single one-time offer could be a lucrative idea after they opt-in; but it has to end there, at least until you’ve given them enough valuable content and information to build trust and credibility.

Studies by sales and market research companies, confirmed by the top professional sales people, have shown that it regularly takes seven or more communications before potential patrons make a purchase. Make every one of them count.

Want to give value and earn at the same time? Send a free helpful e-book branded with your desired links. You could also ask them to read articles that they might find interesting. Post these articles on separate webpages; and in these article pages, you could insert Google Adsense and/or include your offer after the article.

Another way you could give value without being too promotional is to subtly put a soft sell message in the P.S. portion of your email. It’s best if this P.S. complements your non-promotional content.

After you’ve given enough value to your subscribers, you’re ready to earn big time and send solo promo emails. But you should still maintain the right balance between sending content messages and promos. Some marketers suggest sending 2 to 3 content (or semi-content) emails for every 1 promotional email. But each case is different, so you need to test and analyze your unsubscription rates for every email you send out.

Tip # 3: Give Them The Special Treatment.

Most people hate being sold to. But here’s a way to make your subscribers love you despite promoting to them:

Give them huge discounts or coupons they can avail on your products. If you’re promoting an affiliate product, ask the owner to give your subscribers an exclusive discount. Persuade the owner by telling him that the quantity of the sales will offset the reduction in earnings for each product sold. If the owner is hesitant (and if you’re feeling generous enough), you could even suggest that he reduce your commissions in exchange for giving your subscribers the special deal. Even if you’re earning less per product, the number of units sold could multiply many times over.

If offering a discount, coupon or rebate is impractical, you could give away special bonuses when they buy through your recommendations.

Your aim is to satisfy your customers to the best of your abilities. If you do that, they will continue buying from you, because they know you’re looking after their best interest.

A good reputation will drive in more traffic and customers, as your clients will spread good things about you or your products, and recommend you as a reliable source. Just as in a brick and mortar business, treat your customers well and they will in turn treat you well.

Tip # 4: Let Other Companies Promote To Your List.

Apart from selling your own products and recommendations, you may also use your list to earn additional profits. How? Allow other companies to put an ad in your mailing for a fixed fee. This works quite well if you have a newsletter, where you could insert sponsor ads. This doesn't mean sell to the competition, but a company with a product that compliments yours. You are basically renting email space to another company that will market to your list.

But the big question is… would it be better to promote your own recommendations, or earn a fixed income by letting other companies advertise to your list? It depends on your purpose. Many gurus suggest promoting your own recommendations (especially if your promotion has been tested to convert really well). But the downside is that there’s no assurance of how much you will earn. By letting others leverage from your subscribers, you will earn a fixed income (but in this case, you’re limiting your earning potentials). Again, it’s best to test and analyze your results to see which will bring the highest profit margin for you.

Hope these list building and email marketing tips help bring your business success to the next level.

How to Maintain Your Income Stream If You Are Laid Off? by Nicole Reebi

How to Maintain Your Income Stream If You Are Laid Off?


The world has entered into a recession, many corporations and companies had announced their job cutting news. If you are an employee for any of the companies that have plan to reduce their company's headcounts; then, your job will not be guaranteed. The question is how you are going to maintain your income stream just in case you are being laid off and unable to find a new job due to the job opportunities have been cutting down tremendously by most companies. It's time for you to think of setting up a second income source.

If you are thinking of getting a part-time job from other company, and go to work after your day job, then you probably will have a hard time find one in today's recession situation. Then, what other ways to source for income if you can't find a part-time job?

What if you create one for yourself? There are a few ways to make your own business without the need to investment a lot of money. By using the advantages of internet and online business features that allow you to work from home, here are the 2 common ways of earning money online:

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model that enables you to make money online without the need to have your own product. There are many online merchants looking for marketing outsourcing. They make their products available for online freelance agents, called affiliates who will be given commission based on their sales. You can set up a website to sell a few selected affiliate products. Your role as an affiliate is to drive web traffic to your website or directly to merchant's website through a unique link that will identify you as the affiliate who makes the sale.

Affiliate marketing has been a good income source for many people either as the part-time job or a full-time income. You may consider to set up a second income source through affiliate marketing while you still with your day job. Invest some time and efforts to make it successful; it can become your main income source just in case you are being laid off.

2. Set up an online store

Unlike traditional business, you don't need to invest a lot of money to have your own business on internet. You can choose to become your own boss by opening an online store to sell physical or downloadable products. In addition, you don't need to own a product for an online business. There is a business called dropshipping where you can easily find the products you are interested in selling at your online store; buy it at wholesale price and sell it at retail price at your online store. Under the dropshipping business model, dropshippers will sell you their product at wholesale price for individual item and they will deliver the ordered items to your customers on your behalf.

You don't need to quit your day job to start an online business. In fact, you can do it in parallel and work it out for a success. The income from online store can replace your main income just in case you have lost your job due to being laid off.


Under the bad economy situation where companies are looking for potential cost cutting and headcounts reduction, no job is guaranteed. As a working individual, you need to start to think of how to maintain your income stream if you are hit by the recession wave. Internet can be the best source to set up an income online and be the back up income stream while you are still with your day job.

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Interview with Michael Cheney from Adsense Videos

with Michael Cheney from AdSense Videos

Q. So what made
you get started with AdSense?

A. I
was looking for a way to monetize some of my websites. AdSense
is such an easy thing to get started with the eye for it would
be a great way to start earning more money without actually putting
into much more effort. I think as soon as you see the first earnings
coming into your account you get addicted to AdSense. I know is
what happened to me and since then I've just spent time working
out how to earn more and more each day.

Q. How much do
you make with AdSense

A. Some days I can earn
close to $1000 and others it's less than that. But it all comes
down to how much time and effort you devote to creating a quality
site that people like visiting. AdSense is not what my business
is based on by any means - but it is a great way to earn revenue
almost on autopilot.

Q. What is the
biggest mistake people making with AdSense?

A. Probably
the biggest mistake people make is thinking the AdSense earnings
are easy to achieve. It is very easy to get started but as I learned
it takes a lot of effort to increase your earnings. I got really
downhearted whenever I would log in to my account to see that
I had only made a few dollars. And that's when I decided to spend
months and months of my time learning everything I could about

I basically buried myself
away and devoured every single piece of AdSense information I
could find. I ran thousands of AdSense tests and started to see
a dramatic effect on my click through ratio and therefore on my

This is why I'd decided
to record the videos - because I knew that it would help people
who were in my position to also increase their earnings. I've
read an absolute ton of AdSense e-book's but they take so long
to go through and always seem to keep information back.

With AdSense Videos I
knew that I had to tell the story exactly as it is and actually
show people and lead them by the hand through the exact techniques
that I use to generate large earnings from AdSense.

Q. In your videos
you show people how to increase their AdSense earnings - can you
give us a taster of this advice?

A. I
don't want to give away my biggest secrets as you can understand!
But some of the more basic things that you can do to increase
your revenues include using ads that blend in rather than stand
out from your content. Flat out the worst thing you can do with
an AdSense ad is make it look like the standard Google ad. What
you need to realise is that you will get more clicks if your ad
actually appears part of your site rather than something that's
just been dropped into the page.

Q. What would
you recommend that someone do right now to increase their AdSense

A. I've
created a totally free AdSense minicourse that people can go through
to learn some of my techniques. It takes you through the four
cornerstone principles that I've used to build up my AdSense empire.
You can check it out, as well as all the AdSense Videos, here:


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